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Hourly Planning Templates

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Do you have some sort of scratchpad for your thoughts and plans; a judgement-free zone where you can get it all out before starting what other people see as your real work?

Update: Standard one week template, fully hand drawn, with space for free-style sketch noting

This tiny handful of templates help me to plan my days in the Concepts app on my iPad. You can also import them into GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, and Noteful.

  • 24 boxes in a rectangular grid (x 2, for light/dark modes)
  • 24 boxes in a circular grid (x 2, for light/dark modes)
  • Numbers 1–24 in a vertical list, in my handwriting - grey and gold
  • Numbers 1–24 in a vertical list, in my handwriting - grey and gold, with a gold border
  • 1 week layout, fully hand drawn, with a large space for free style notes

They're simple boxes and numbers, wonderfully and imperfectly put together. I may add to them as time goes on. If you get the current offering today, I will let you know when there are more templates available to download.

I usually choose to write the hours of the day in vertical format, with 6am in the top left box. You can start wherever you like. Try turning the grid horizontally, and plan your day with a different perspective.

The shaded boxes in my sketches show the hours I was in bed. It's a good way to track my sleep, and see at a glance how I did for the month overall.

Lately I've been using a single Concepts infinite canvas for an entire month of hour-by-hour planning, and general brain dumping. It's solved the problems my past scratchpads suffered: one book for an entire year meant it was very difficult to find things when I wanted them! One month per page is gelling very well with my brain at the moment.

Dark mode isn't for everyone, but I like it when I'm sitting in a darkened room in the early hours of the morning, releasing the pressure on my brain out through my fingers. As you can see, it's easy to create spaces of light mode wherever you like in Concepts, by adding a different colour splotch to a lower layer.

You can read more about scratchpads in Concepts in this article.

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Hourly Planning Templates

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