Plus Minus Next - Weekly Reviews

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This template makes it easy to record a year’s worth of Plus Minus Next weekly reviews in a plain text app like Obsidian or iA Writer.

Changes in this version:

  • Added a Monday version for the northern hemisphere (thanks to Kevin Geiss for changing the emojis around)
  • Tip: use links or tags to identify Plus, Minus, or Next items in your interstitial journaling entries

If you find an error, please make sure you're looking at the most recent version, then email me or comment on this page to let me know.

The download consists of a series of files in a folder. Be aware this is not a complete Obsidian vault: it's designed to be copied into your existing vault.

You'll see that the weekly review page is essentially a simple list, as my approach is to stay away from app-specific plugins and features when a simple, more universal solution will do.

There’s a different icon next to each month, chosen to reflect the seasons of the southern hemisphere. You may like to change them to suit your tastes or part of the world, or just delete them.

Screenshot of Plus Minus Next page, showing Outline pane on the right

The advantage of the emojis goes beyond looking pretty: in the outline pane it’s easy to see which week numbers belong to which month, and which weeks cross from one month to another.

If you’re new to Obsidian and would like to learn how to set up your notes from scratch, check out Nicole van der Hoeven’s getting started video.

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A folder (not a vault) of linked files, to help you write regular weekly reviews in plain text.

To differentiate between months in outline view
All reviews on one page
To help you quickly scan through and see patterns over the months
Works in Obsidian or iA Writer
For flexibility, these files are readable on any platform. The included links work well in either Obsidian or iA Writer.
Sunday or Monday start
Two files to choose from, to match the format you're used to
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Plus Minus Next - Weekly Reviews

4 ratings
I want this!