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KJV Bible in Markdown for Obsidian, iA Writer

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May I present a Markdown version of the King James version of the Bible that makes it easier to integrate a study of the scriptures into your notes (and therefore your life), by providing a way to link and embed chapters and verses to other digital notes.

The Bible truly can become an integrated part of your second brain!

If you enjoy using this resource, I'd be most grateful if you came back and left an honest rating.

I formatted and compiled the Bible into this form for my own personal use. It's been a true labour of love, and sharing it here is my way of freely sharing the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ with people like you, who value the plain text format. You can find more of what I get up to online here.

The hard work of separating each verse into separate files was generously shared by Mike Schmitz. It's designed to work well in plain text editors that can handle the embedding of one file within another, such as Obsidian, iA Writer, and, with some adjustments, Notenik.

These files currently work best in Obsidian. The file you'll download is an entire Obsidian vault containing multiple subfolders. While all files are readable by most other apps, they do have certain Obsidian-only features activated to make them a bit prettier.


  • Every single verse of the Bible in its own Markdown file
  • Every chapter of every book on its own page, with navigation links to previous and next chapters
  • Index files for each book of the Bible, with clickable links to individual chapters, and space for writing your own notes
  • A page of Hope Scriptures: these are verses I've hand-picked because I like them. They are compiled on a per-book basis, and embedded onto a single page for easy reference. You can replace the verses with your own, or use the page as a template for specific study topics.

    WARNING: Incorporating tens of thousands of additional Markdown files into your existing vault will cause it to slow down dramatically while Obsidian sets about indexing them! Things should speed up once that task is done. It works just fine for me on my Mac, but seemed to make the iOS apps unusable. Be cautious, and backup your original vault before experimenting with this one.

This Markdown Bible isn't the only one around. I've built it by adding to the work of other fine individuals, to whom I'm truly grateful. You may like to check them out:

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A complete Obsidian vault with the KJV Bible ready to reference and embed into your notes

Each verse of the Bible in its own Markdown file
Easy embedding that doesn't rely on block references
Each chapter of the Bible on one page, with navigation links
Quickly move from chapter to chapter
Automatic compilation of hand-picked Bible verses
Read your favourites in one place
Personalised Index pages for each book, including a link to each chapter
One convenient, easily accessible place for your notes on each book of the Bible
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KJV Bible in Markdown for Obsidian, iA Writer

6 ratings
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