Bilingual New Testament - Old School, and Interactive

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COMING SOON: A new version is in the works, where paragraph spaces are added as necessary to align verses between the two columns.

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This English/French version of the New Testament is designed especially for people learning French or English! Each page has two columns: English on the left, French on the right. I created it to help me learn French at the same time as doing Bible study.

Cette version anglaise/française du Nouveau Testament est conçue spécialement pour les personnes qui apprennent le français ou l'anglais. Chaque page comporte deux colonnes : L'anglais à gauche, le français à droite. Je l'ai créée pour m'aider à apprendre le français en même temps que j'étudie la Bible.


This PDF document has letter-sized pages, ideal for printing. It also has an interactive table of contents at the beginning of each book, for instant access to any chapter on your computer or tablet. Use the Outline feature of your PDF reader or tablet notes app to navigate between books.

The wide margins make it easy to write your own notes, and, depending on the app you use, search your handwritten notes via optical character recognition (OCR).

Bilingual Bible in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

iPad Apps

I use this bilingual Bible exclusively on my iPad, in the Noteful app. Noteful does not have OCT, so you may like to use GoodNotes, Notability, or Noteshelf instead.

Noteful is a great choice for artists, students, and teachers, as it has layers built in that enable you to your own information and highlights that can be turned on or off at will. Just imagine: you could have one layer for making notes about Biblical insights, and other layers for highlighting difficult vocabulary words, or creating cloze procedures to test your knowledge! (Notability's new tape feature can also do this.) Noteful also allows you to zoom in much closer than any of the other iPad apps mentioned above.

Bilingual Bible in the Noteful app, on the iPad, showing navigation helps in the Outline

Why this file is not (yet) complete

Creating something like this is a big project, as you can imagine, and I’m just one person—which is why it’s not finished yet. When you download it today you’ll receive a PDF with books up to 1 Corinthians, from the King James Version / Louis Segond. Additional books will be available on the download page separately, as I complete them.

Unfortunately, my application to use the NIV and Semeur versions of the Bible was rejected by the copyright holder, for good reasons that I completely understand. I recommend looking these versions up and comparing them with the KJV/Segond. They're a much better choice for learning English and French as it's spoken today.

I’ll notify you when this bilingual version of the Bible is complete: the rest of the New Testament is coming next, followed by the Old Testament.

In the future I'd love to do Spanish, German, and Italian versions.

Found an error? Let me know!

Sometimes errors creep into works like this, because it's put together by a human. If you find a faulty navigation link or chapter and verse summary at the top of a page, please let me know after checking to see that you are looking at the most up to date copy. The current version of the combined NT PDF is 202304061330. The version number of your download can be found at the bottom of the title page.

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One letter-sized PDF document suitable for printing or using on a tablet. Each book is also available to download separately.

Wide margins
Write notes, list vocabulary words and points of grammar
Interactive table of contents
Access any chapter with one click
Letter size pages
To fit the iPad screen better, and for printing on either Letter or A4 paper
Great for artists
Use the space surrounding the text for illustrations and sketchnotes
3.5 MB
769 pages
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Bilingual New Testament - Old School, and Interactive

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