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Generic Calendar Printables - A4

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This are the templates I've been using to access my planning brain cells a little differently.

Here's what I wrote about the beginning of my cautious return to paper, in the 34th edition of the Plain Text, Paper Less Productivity Digest:

“I’ve been using paper to plan out my month for a whole week now, and oh does it feel delightful!

I suspect the bliss-vibes are coming from doing something differently. From taking off my sturdy plain text shoes and feeling the soft grass of a nostalgic, timeworn practice between my toes.

The sheet I showed you last week has changed in a way that satisfies my attention-to-detail bone: the fold in the (A4) paper now falls between Wednesday and Thursday, instead of halfway through the latter. There’s a faint guide for writing in the dates by hand, that’s helping me keep them uniform.

Speaking of attention to detail, the size of the grid is the same as you’ll find in the exquisite Hobonichi planning range. It’s the Goldilocks of grid proportions.”

You can keep your calendar pages loose, or secure them in a binder. I started off folding mine in half and tucking them in the back of my notebook, but now I keep them in the center of my Paper Saver. Made in my home country of Australia, the Paper Saver is a notebook cover designed to help you reuse the reverse side of scrap paper. An absolutely brilliant concept! I really love mine.

FYI, I still keep a digital calendar, but there's just something about paper I'll always love!

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A PDF document containing generic A4 templates for weekly and monthly planning. This is an expansion on the previous monthly planning pack.

Number guides
There's a digital-inspired guide for writing the numbers in each date square, to help keep your handwriting even
Easy month indicators
Trace or circle the current month, or be a rebel and scrawl the month name across the lot!
Time tested grid size
3.7mm grid, just like the exquisite Hobonichi planning range
Two plain grid pages
One 3.7mm and one 4mm plain grid page, for printing on the back of the calendar sheets
Clearly defined weeks
Weeks are separated by a darker grey line than days, to visually tie each group of seven days together
Thoughtful page folding
Pages fold in half exactly on the border between two days
Week start
Both Monday and Sunday week starts are included
Week number
Space to write the week number next to each row of seven days
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Generic Calendar Printables - A4

3 ratings
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